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Please find below all frequently asked questions for Ripard Shipping (JRS).

 How much does it cost to ship to Malta?

There are different prices for different items. Please fill in the request a quote form
you will receive a quote for your shipping items within 4 hours.

What can you deliver to Malta?

We are proud to offer a service as your local shipper for international purchases.
We can deliver whatever you buy from abroad. Please find our full list of services and industries we operate in here. We deliver straight to your store or door.

Do you ship from the UK to Malta?

Yes, we can ship from the UK to Malta and other countries. Visit the destination page of our website to find a detailed map from where you can ship your items and shipping schedule.

What are Ripard Shipping services?

Ripard Shipping can ship to malta all international purchases. To find out more about Ripard Shipping services, visit the services page

Do you deliver to the door?

Yes, we deliver all items to your door or to your store.

Are there any goods that are classified as hazardous for international transportation?

Some goods are classified as hazardous for international shipping. These include, but not limited to:

  • Meat and milk from non-eu countries with exceptions
  • Protected species and products of thereof

Do I have to fill a full container?

No, we offer two types of delivery methods:

  • You can either fill a full container load (fcl) or you can choose a less than container load (lcl) group. For more information please visit the services page.

Who will take care of the shipping process?

We offer a hassle-free service; we take care of customs clearance papers. You can track your delivery with your confirmation number by phoning our office.

Who are your partners?

  • Ripard Shipping is proud to be the agents for MSC shipping (Mediterranean Shipping Company), in Malta. As agents for MSC, we have the ability to ship a container to/from almost any destination in the world. MSC have direct calls to Malta from the far east and west med, allowing jrs shipping unique access to competitive rates and service.
  • You can also find the full shipping partners on the partners page.

When can I ship my goods?

We can confirm transit time when you confirm your quote. Request a quote.

What payment methods do you accept?

Bank transfer.