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Shipping to Malta – Step 1

Find out more about how Ripard Shipping services work when shipping to malta by viewing our step-by-step infographic video and our guide, in order to be able to understand the process of shipping your items when you utilise our shipping services.

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shipping services

Shipping to Malta Step 2

Get a shipment quote by filling in the form.

Ripard Shipping will analyse your logistical requirements and advise the optimal solution depending on your need.

Shipping to Malta Step 3

Ripard Shipping will handle the following:

A. Liaise with your suppliers or receivers to plan your booking, arrange customs procedures and support your shipment to its destination.

B. Keep you up-to-date at every stage of your booking:

i. booking confirmation
ii. planned schedule
iii. load / discharge confirmation
iv. arrival notification
v. door delivery (if required)

shipping services

All set? Great!


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